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Primal Performance: Realising the Power of Personal Energy

We all know or heard of the ones that always seemed to be in control, calm, optimistic and engaged irrespective of the situation confronting them. They are referred to as being in the zone or “Flow”, accomplishing things seemingly effortlessly with minimal fuss, while most of are barely surviving. Worst still, some have even suffered exhaustion or breakdown.

What makes them tick?

In my experience of working with widely diverse group of people – different backgrounds, at different stages of life, or at various levels of seniority at work – those in the state of high performance or ‘Flow” all prioritise managing their personal energy. While they are focused and disciplined in accomplishing their tasks, maximising their intensity and impact on priority items, they also engage in rituals to recharge their energy reserves in between.

Most of us focus on managing time and not personal energy. When we work long , hard and multi-task, we are managing time with no regard given to personal energy. Critically. time is a finite resource whereas personal energy is a renewable resource[1]. With every activity you undertake, you are expending personal energy, depleting your energy reserves or capacity. At some point you need to replenish this capacity by recharging. If not, you will feel overwhelmed , barely treading water or worst, run on empty or breakdown.

Our personal energy comes from our four states of being:

Physical Energyis the quantityof energy, our fuel, our sustainability

Emotional Energyis qualityof energy, positive or negative, our security complex

Mental Energyis the intensitylevel of personal energy, the focal point of our energy, positive implying sharp focus, negative implying scattered focus

Spiritual Energyis the impactof personal energy, it’s purpose and meaning, doing things over and above self interest

In the figure above, I highlight the personal energy matrix, combinations of the four states of being and energy sources with four energy quadrants we oscillate between – Treading water, Running on empty, Recharge to Flow.

All the answers lie within you.

In my book, Rise Warrior Rise, a combination of cutting edge science, infusion of eastern and western philosophies, rituals and practices that can be easily implemented anytime, anywhere by anyone, I will empower you to live and thrive in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual reality and harness the energy from within to be the best you.

If you prefer, I can personally guide you in our course Perform: build focus and disciple for success

You can buy the book or book for the course at or contact at for a key note from me on this very important topic.

Rohilesh Singh

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[1]Manage Personal Energy and not Time, HBR 2010


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