Kimberly Singh - CPA, CMA

CFO & COO, Populis

CO-Founder, Happiness Platform

Kimberly holds the position of CFO and COO at Populis. Kim is the Co-Creator of the Happiness Platform that is changing the way the world manages mindset challenges and growth. Kimberly brings her global corporate experience and know how in well-being and leadership from producing of the book Rise Warrior Rise and Leadership Show to help shape business cultures that embody inclusion, diversity and well-being and high performance.  Kimberly is a hands on Producer of the Leadership Show, that shares insights and inspiration from the leaders focused on human performance. Kimberly brings over 15 years experience in the International arena across both corporate and academia environments. Kimberly obtained her CPA (Canada) in 2009 and most recently CPA (Australia) in 2014 which uniquely positions her for both domestic and international transactions & financial operations.


‎Kimberly brings to Populis her 8 years of experience from BlackBerry as Asia Pacific Pricing and Financial Lead, having initiated the pricing function for Asia Pacific products and launching a multitude of products in the diverse region, leading the region to be the most profitable in the world for BlackBerry with over USD $3B in revenue.


Prior to joining BlackBerry Asia Pacific, Kimberly was part of the BlackBerry Head Office team in Canada, having built the Finance function for Service Costing, Corporate Reporting, Mergers and Acquisitions and Product Finance. Her daily deliverables included engaging with Board of Directors and C-Suite on new business models and analysis through insights and global in scope. 


Along with her CPA designation, Kimberly holds a Bachelor of Mathematics with an emphasis on Statistics and Accounting from the renowned University of Waterloo in Canada. Kimberly can be described as sporty and fit, having scaled Mount Kinabalu and Mount Everest Base Camp. Kim loves her role as wife and mum, and little Arjun is often seen running a muck around the Populis office.  Kim's personal ambition is to empower people to make their minds their best friends, so they may thrive in life and rise to become the very best version of themselves. She is an advocate of women in business and regularly contributes with her blogs and works with universities, while fully enjoying family and community,

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