Why Do Good People Do Bad Things?

Trust has been shattered, void has been created in our lives by the misdeeds of those we trusted most.

Virtues to Rise and Thrive

It has lead me to ask a simple question, why do people known for integrity and doing good, engage in unethical, and even heinous behaviours?

Especially when they have attained, what most define as being successful - they have money, power and prestige and risk it all.

People fail because (even when they may have started off well with great intentions), along the way they have fallen prey to seductions of external gratification over inner satisfaction. Their senses have overtaken their moral standings. This may well be because they have never found the true purpose of life, lost touch of their moral bearings or respect for conducting out their duty. Our research indicates it is mainly because along the way they stopped regulating their senses, they stopped looking inwards for the right answers, stopped giving thanks and became prey to external sense gratifying, ego pumping factors.

In essence, they have been consumed by lust, greed, anger, infatuation, arrogance and / or envy. So how does one not stray is the question?

In the 17thcentury, the Dutch philosopher, Spinoza, famous for his comprehensive work on ethics, said: ‘All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare. We do not find joy in virtue because we control our lusts, but counter wise, because we find joy in virtue we control our lusts’.
I wrote in my first book 'Rise Warrior Rise' that 'Virtues is about strength of will, self-respe