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Hon. Bob Carr, Ex Australian Foreign Minister & NSW Premier - If I Knew Then What I know Now.

Bob Carr at 15 knew he wanted to make a name for himself, he knew he wanted to be a politician. He puts forward the notion that "to succeed you must be loyal to the nightmare of your choices" and for him it has obviously paid off - big time! Bob gave politics a good run and he won. For Bob, setbacks became an invitation to do more, it served as a drive to put in more effort. The Vedas have taught me that one must do their work with courageous and positive energy (shakti) no matter how trivial, for the outcome does not matter anywhere near as much as the doing. To die doing your your duty and to advance your purpose in life, no matter how unwell you do it, is to have lived, working on someone else's purpose no matter how well you do, is death.

"If only then I know what I know now" - Bob Carr.

One of the beautiful things about life is making mistakes. Learning from a mistake, rather than being consumed by it. But you have to be able to look at yourself and be prepared to have a hard talk to yourself, smack yourself if you must so the mistakes are not repeated over and over. You must be prepared to rewire yourself to do things the right way. For anything else is insanity that will bring about a self-defeating mindset which will punish you over and over again. Rise Warrior.

Bob found it is easy to do the pressing stuff that forms the norm of everyday work, what he found hard is meditation. Bob believes in the notion of continuous learning, hence his desire to learn meditation. We talk about what makes a good leader. This man should know, he started from humble beginnings and went on to shape not only State politics as the longest serving NSW Premier but also held the role of Australian Foreign Minister. Like him or not, all leaders need to pay attention to Bob, especially those aspiring to lead masses of people.

Life is a learning experience. Leaders ought to see their life as a trajectory of learning. The challenge of walking into a room and becoming interested in other people - it's easy when you have an approach where you feel that from each person you meet your can learn something. It makes life interesting as you become interested in others. Bob believes and I agree, that people who are defeated by life are people who are not passionate about learning.

Fear of Failure is what made this public leader demand more from himself.

At a time of an election, Bob was being said to quite possibly become the best Premier we never had. Experts said he would never win. He was behind in polls and written off. At this point in life he made a decision the bulk of the world will fail at; to acknowledge the current unfavourable situation and still give it your best! He simply said to himself that "Should I be defeated I want it to be said that I could not have done any more." Bob says that it is wise to accept when you are in a hell of a position and come out fighting as a warrior." Rise Warrior Rise.

Virtuous men and women manifest greatness, in themselves and those their presence touches. Listen up leaders, board members as you shape your organisation culture and your individual Self. There is always a winner and loser in battle. Bob's world is straight forward, every election has a winner and a loser. If you don't achieve your goal, make a virtue of not getting bitter. If you do win, aspire to be kind. A single good deed could be enough to find you the path to heaven and a single act of bitterness or cheating could drive your reputation and company into hell.

Bob has one regret - you will too if you do not learn to meditate properly. Learn from an authentic master. Bob is leaning the art of meditation as he feels that "it is an investment that makes me a better person." Bob finds it the hardest discipline to master. I showered him a couple of tips that i so often coach those who are ready to go beyond to their core of happiness. We talk about the process and I enjoyed giving a little coaching to Bob on this most important of disciplines. The earlier in life you recognise that there are four states of consciousness, the faster you will discover the art to fill the void of your soul. The key take out is it takes practice to make your mind your best friend, if you do not do so, you will never be a great leader of people or yourself as your mind will no doubt act as your worst enemy and take you to places you do not want to go. I won't point out the evidence here in this write up - if you are reading this I will assume you will find that the data is everywhere. I'll share more as Rise Warrior Rise, my book on Self Mastery comes out in September 2018.

Click the video or podcast below and watch Bob give you his advice on why you must learn how to sell and debate as a master to serve your ambition and people best.

Bob is a strong leader. Learn from him. Learn from our 13 global masters including some of the strongest STEM women in power at world-class companies. Subscribe to or


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