Hon. Bob Carr, Ex Australian Foreign Minister & NSW Premier - If I Knew Then What I know Now.

Bob Carr at 15 knew he wanted to make a name for himself, he knew he wanted to be a politician. He puts forward the notion that "to succeed you must be loyal to the nightmare of your choices" and for him it has obviously paid off - big time! Bob gave politics a good run and he won. For Bob, setbacks became an invitation to do more, it served as a drive to put in more effort. The Vedas have taught me that one must do their work with courageous and positive energy (shakti) no matter how trivial, for the outcome does not matter anywhere near as much as the doing. To die doing your your duty and to advance your purpose in life, no matter how unwell you do it, is to have lived, working on someone else's purpose no matter how well you do, is death.