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Maximise Your Staff's Happiness and Mental Health With These 10 Practical Strategies

Written by Rohilesh (Roh) Singh - Founder of Populis - The People Performance Company. Author of Rise Warrior Rise and Love: The Wellbeing Journal which are helping tens of thousands of people to live high performing lives.


Not taking the time to consider the source of our happiness delivers a life of stress and unhappiness, and the impact can be argued is being felt by at least 45% of Australians who suffer from a mental health condition in their lifetime. Doctors are prescribing anti-depressants more than ever to help people cope. Talk therapy works to a degree, however self-regulation practices such meditation and self-love conditioning are delivering the kind of results which empowers you to rise above stress, anxiety and depression to Flourish and Perform. and self-regulate to rise above whatever is causing them unrest and misery. It's human nature to wish that you will wake up one day and your troubles will be gone. The reality is of course very different. To get moving on being your best, you must make the decision to live a happy and mentally healthy life; and the moment you make the decision to live as your best and happy self, your mind immediately goes to work to do so.


"Happiness is your creation. You are equipped with everything you need to live a happy life. Your only job is to discover the source of happiness within and infuse your surroundings with that inner happiness". Swami Rama

Just the same as the changing of seasons, ups and downs are the norm in life and yet so many among us are overwhelmed and unsatisfied with life. Those who don't gain self-mastery to adapt adequately to live in harmony, suffer most.. When you accept the truth that your happiness and wellbeing are the product of your own mind, you empower yourself to master you mind.

Let me put this to you, if you are usually negative or stressed out, an occasional positive thought, yoga session or keeping a grateful journal will not make you a positive and happy person. And drowning yourself with alcohol and drugs will eventually destroy your life.

Most people have never tasted the sweetness of bliss so they don't know what they are missing out on. How wonderful do we all feel to see babies and toddlers giggle their way through every day. We too were a baby once and giggled the same way however most people lose their freedom to laugh as they become more serious. Take an audit of yourself and you will see that you are likely averaging 12-15 smiles per day. Did you know that when you were that giggling baby you smiled on average 400 times per day? The world we live in teaches us to chase for better however the price is often the loss of our own joy and positivity.

When we learn to laugh at ourselves and have faith in our own abilities, our troubles disappear pretty quickly. It is time to try something different and that is to program it for happiness.

"Rise Warrior Rise is the manual for how to live an amazing life," Rise Warrior Rise gave me a way to live my best life. It has changed my life. The world needs it, I need it, business leaders definitely need it!. - Nicholas Mason, Co-Founder, Agency Byron

Success and happiness is a combination of right knowledge and putting it into practice. I am now going to give you a gift to live your best life and if you accept it, it will change your life forever. Here is a formula taken from the self-mastery book Rise Warrior Rise I wrote for my sons, and which is now helping tens of thousands of people to live happy liberated lives:

  1. LOVE YOURSELF. Thats right, love yourself for it is impossible to love life, experience bliss or love another without first loving yourself. When we lose self-love, we take less care of ourselves, invite addictions that bring about self-harm and a lack of joy for life, which has direct impact on those around us. We enhance our loved ones lives by being our best. I'm inviting you to change your life forever now by writing down 10 things about you that you like most. Everyday look at that list and with conviction read the list out in the first person to yourself. It should sound like this - "I like me because I am bright, energetic, courageous, tenacious, virtuous, honest and so on...". Keep this practice up no matter how silly or self-assured you fee for a month and your life will never be the same again as your mind will go to work to make sure you are living as your best self, filled with those ten qualities.

  2. Learn to REGULATE YOUR BREATH the right way so you have the ability to find calm within 2 to 3 breaths. Serenity is your goal. Consider this - your mind can not control your mind, it is only through the proper regulation of your breath that you can bring your mind immediate in harmony. Try it, next time you feel anxious try and will it to go away, then take a breath in to the count of 6, hold that breath for a count of 8 and then breathe out for a count of 8. Breath in that manner for 10 breaths and your anxiety will fade away.

  3. GET ACTIVE NOW. Go outside, take your shoes off and feel nature under your feet. Find a quiet place and practice yoga to get nimble. Flexibility gives us a pain free body, so your goal here is to enjoy each stretch as you slowly become flexible again like you were in your childlike state. Your goal is to not only feel good and get strong physically while stretching and lifting, but to be able to get your body in a pain free state to be able to sit in meditative reflection for extended periods, which not only replenishes the brain, it empowers you to handle isolation - to love and thrive when you are alone.

  4. FREELY ACCEPT CHANGE AND BOW DAILY TO GIVE THANKS FOR YOUR BLESSINGS. So much distress comes from people fixed mindsets and and comforts as they are not willing to learn and implement change. For growth to happen you must accept change as something constant and keep moving forward and upwards. Use meditation and prayer to let go of your inhibitors, pains and past as holding on to what has passed is not doing you any good; and give thanks for your blessings.

  5. TRAIN YOUR MIND TO LOOK FOR THE GOOD AND NOT BE ATTRACTED TO THE NEGATIVE, BAD AND UGLY. COMPLEMENTING OTHERS OFTEN AND YOU WILL SOON HAVE PROGRAMMED YOUR MIND TO BE POSITIVE. Clean your mind of useless noise. Train your brain to look for the good in the world by making it a habit to genuinely compliment 3 people daily. No matter how weird it feels at first stick with it and soon enough you will find joy in every situation and person. Avoid negative chatter and complaining about others.

  6. FAST REGULARLY AND EAT HEALTHY AND FRESH FOOD. Cleanse yourself by learning how-to fast. Fasting has so many health, discipline and spiritual benefits. Let food be your medicine and at times in your life a lack of food. Food has three kinds of impact on you: fresh vegetables and fruits will energise you; highly flavoured foods, spices, caffeine and energy drinks will give you a boost at the expense of your mental and physical health; and heavy foods such as meats and processed foods will make you lethargic, dark and sick.

  7. CHOOSE POSITIVE HAPPY FRIENDS.. Remember the old saying ‘You will be the company you keep'. By being your best happy self, you will also become easy and fun to be around and as such attract wonderful people to you. Be generous and take the time to host great people. Seek out those you admire and buy them a coffee or a meal just to enjoy their company and wisdom. Engage a life coach who inspires and teaches you how to be your best and successful.

  8. LOVE YOUR OWN COMPANY. Turn off your devices, clean your environment so it is hygienic and smells lovely. Throw away the booze and drugs if have been indulging in them to wind down or gain a false sense of your best and do the simple things like reading and listening to music that lifts you with joy, sing out loud, go for a walk, swim, chant, pray, fish, lift weights, cook etc. Use this time wisely and let it bring you joy,

  9. FIND THE ANSWER TO 'WHY YOU WERE BORN A HUMAN' AND 'WHY YOU ARE HERE' AND YOU WILL DISCOVERY TRUE PURPOSE. Asking yourself who are you and why have you been blessed with your life as a human being takes you away from the mundane material accumulation to source out and do work that satisfies your soul. I warn you that it takes courage to ask such tough questions and it takes tenacity to persist in your pursuit for happiness. These two questions are designed to help you raise your consciousness and your spirit - the source of your vitality, abundance, power and morality. If you need help with this process head to and enrol in this course.

  10. SMILE and change your world now by taking control of your inner world. Give yourself permission to smile 400 times a day again like you did when you were a child and before you lost your true self to your environment and give yourself permission to be silly and laugh out loud. Sometimes it takes us to be joyous to smile but other times all it takes is for us to smile to become joyous - so smile 400 times per day again.

Happiness is most certainly your choice - no matter what your surroundings. Should you need a hand to fast track your mental health and happiness please enrol in the most impactful self-mastery course of all FLOURISH® or simply read a page a day over the next year of Rise Warrior Rise.


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