The Leadership Framework™

Hyperdrive Your Business Growth.


The Leadership Framework™ is a growth maximisation tool that is easy and fast to implement. The Framework was developed during the turnaround transform of two billion dollar companies. It is a validated tool, which has been recognised by Business and Academia as the most complete leadership tool to accelerate growth and governance. Macquarie University Business School helped to validate the framework through research and using in interviews with leaders of 45 SMEs and top 100 corporations to diagnose their company performance against the 50 principles of the framework to quickly identify gaps and growth opportunities. The Leadership Framework™ is available to SMEs and corporations to quickly discover your strengths and weaknesses against 50 key principles for business success, and create an action plan to rapidly grow your business.

You only need to take TWO STEPS to gain from the Leadership Framework

1. Forty-five minute performance diagnostic (Digital, virtual or in-person)

2. Half day workshop to review findings and develop your macro action plan for growth

When is the ideal time for the Leadership Framework™?

  • 1. Business Optimisation and

  • 2. Expansion

What are the triggers to use the Leadership Framework™?

  • Ambitious growth plans

  • Downturn in the market or you are not hitting sales targets

  • Cost management issues

  • Governance or staff engagement issues

  • Business Transformation

  • Increased competition

What you’ll learn?

  1. Ten Principles to Optimise Your Strategy and Business Performance

  2. Ten Principles to Enhance Your Company Culture for Growth

  3. Ten Processes Maximisation Strategies

  4. Ten Leadership Hacks to Maximise Fellowship and Sales Results

  5. Ten Principles to Increase People Productivity and Retention

What you’ll take away?

  1. Realtime Business Performance Diagnostic, pin-pointing specific areas of concern and improvement from the 50 principles for growth

  2. Priority list of improvements to work on right away to accelerate revenue growth and drive proper governance and efficiencies

  3. Strategies to gain greater buy-in of the company vision and strategy from your employees, stakeholders and advocates

Example Agenda:

  1. Realtime business diagnostic assessment using The Leadership Framework™

  2. Review your results against the 50 high-performance business principles

  3. Review standard and best practices against your scores

  4. Prioritise top 10 strategies for Growth

  5. Create an action plan for the top 10 growth strategies


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