The Leadership Framework™



Populis empowers business leaders with a fast but in-depth performance effectiveness diagnostic that is helping Australian leaders with where to focus their time and resources on to maximise company performance.


Populis' Leadership Framework™ is a validated self-assessment tool that deep dives into the 50 critical principles leaders to maximise leadership's impact on company performance.

As a business and people leader you must know that no matter how great your strategy is, it all comes down to execution."No matter how well thought out your competitive strategy is, if the people in your organisation aren’t ready, able and willing to put it into action, it’s worthless". - Peter Drucker. 


The Leadership Framework™ empowers your strategic planning to start or finish with a deep dive into your capacity and capability to make good your strategy. The award winning Leadership Framework™ is the most complete leadership self-assessment tool to accelerate growth and governance.

What are the triggers to use the Leadership Framework™?

  • Underwhelming performance
  • Growth required

  • Poor staff or customer engagement

  • Increase in competition or need to innovate

The Leadership Framework™ engagement process.

1. Half day in-depth deep dive

2. Report highlighting your growth blockages and strengths to leverage

3. Growth workshop facilitation


When is the ideal time for the Leadership Framework™?

  1. Before or right after your annual strategy development

  2. At anytime company leadership realises it must improve its performance


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