Leadership Framework™


Populis’ Leadership Framework™ is the complete diagnostic tool that helps you to predict and enhance performance. It is the ideal tool to deploy to diagnose your cultural position and to enhance positive change embraces diversity, digital, ethics, governance and performance. The 50 key principles solidify this framework empowers leaders to diagnose performance gaps by specific discipline in real-time while winning buy-in and cohesion of team members, which is crucial in the successful implementation of change.


Populis’ Leadership Framework™ is the most comprehensive diagnostic and strategic planning tool of its kind. This tool helps you as a leader to prioritise where to invest your focus. Use this tool to get a pulse check on the health of your business by function and layer. 


The process involves a short workshop and assessment, and is followed by a comprehensive 50-page report highlighting the 50 key disciplines and provides recommendations for next steps.


Whether you are a market leader or an organisation embarking change, the Populis’ Leadership Framework™ will assure nothing is left to chance as it sets you up for success.

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