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The Leadership Framework™



The award winning Leadership Framework™ is helping CEO's of small and medium organisations as well as top 100 companies to diagnose their leadership performance and fast track growth. The Leadership Framework™ is a validated diagnostic tool that fast-tracks leadership effectiveness focusing attention to where it is needed for high performance and governance. 


Populis' Leadership Framework™ takes on a deep dive into the 50 most critical business principles for high performance and growth. All principles have been tested and validated via Populis' joint study with Macquarie University. 

The Leadership Framework™ helps to avoid 'frame blindness', by helping to to analyse 5 key areas of your organisational leadership:1. strategy, 2. people, 3. culture, 4. processes and 5. leadership. Through the process allows CEO's to work on the business; to get your people to ready, willing and able to execute with excellence. The process will help you to build:

1. A clear Vision of success; and a strategic plan that drives everyone to bring their best selves to work and perform
2. A high performing team with the right People in the right seats, who are willing, able, and ready to take you organisation to meet your goals
3. A Culture that accelerates innovation, high-performance and sustained growth
4. Continuous improvement in your Processes and productivity
5. A highly successful leadership team



Why do clients use The Leadership Framework™:

  1. Develop a high performing leadership team

  2. Fast track growth and profitability

  3. To improve governance and ethical standards

The process.

1. Half day in-depth diagnostic workshop (in person or digital)

2. Report preparation highlighting your growth blockages and strategies

3. Half day planning workshop



"Roh provided us all with the power of insight. A deep understanding of self, team and organisation. The space and capacity to connect with the internal resources we have as individuals and teams to achieve excellence in life and work. He created a space that allowed all of the team members to reflect, share and grow. He challenged behaviours and habits, encouraged resilience and motivated change. The workshop was a beautiful mix of building leadership behaviours, challenging practices, self-growth and renewing a commitment to working together. Roh took the time to understand what we needed from the workshop, where the team and individuals were at, what techniques and strategies would engage them and define the outcome I was looking for. He was delightful to work with. The results were instant with the team newly motivated, communication strengthened, and a clear purpose and effective behaviours. Within a week of the workshop staff were demonstrating a strengths approach to their work, were more accountable, had a 'can do' positive attitude and had reformed communication channels. I would recommend Roh for any workplace that wanted to build and strengthen leadership in a way that aligns with a modern and contemporary world". Lisa Kelly, CEO, Carers ACT

Over the past 12 months, our senior leadership team has had the privilege of working closely with Roh, Populis and with the Leadership Framework, and we can confidently say that they have gained invaluable skills in self-mastery and leadership. We have seen our leaders become more focused, more productive and more effective , and we continue to grow as a result. They have become high-performing leaders who are able to lead with confidence, clarity and purpose. 

Heidi Bradshaw, CEO NBAC

During our Executive & Leadership retreat, it was an honour to observe how Roh was able to read, encourage and uplift myself and my colleagues, he possesses a unique ability to understand and connect with people at a personal, heartfelt level.  As a (very) new member of the team, Rohs exercises supported me to accelerate building relationships with my colleagues and provided me with some insight as to how I can best communicate and collaborate with them.  I highly recommend engaging with Roh to support team development.

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