The Leadership Framework™



Populis provides CEOs and Boards with the an in-depth leadership effectiveness diagnostic that determines the impact of the organisations leadership and scores the organisations ability to execute on strategic objectives.


The Leadership Framework™ is a validated leadership self-assessment tool that provides a hassle free and safe way to deep dive and self-assess against the 50 critical principles for great performance and governance. The process is followed by an in-depth discussion with each leader and group on the lowest scoring areas and how key strengths may be leveraged as a strategic advantage.

Most leaders know that no matter how great a strategy, most strategies do not materialise due to poor execution. Management guru Peter Drucker once said that "No matter how well thought out your competitive strategy is, if the people in your organisation aren’t ready, able and willing to put it into action, it’s worthless." The Leadership Framework™ enables every strategic planning session to start with a deep dive into its operational capacity and capability. The self-assessment process engages critical team members in an intense and educational workshop exploring 50 critical areas for business success and great governance.


The Leadership Framework™ has been recognised by Business and Academia as the most complete leadership self-assessment tool to accelerate growth and governance. Macquarie University Business School helped to validate the framework through research and interviews with leaders from SMEs and top 100 corporations.


The Leadership Framework™ engagement process.

1. Half day virtual or in-person 105 item self-assessment questionnaire and in-depth discussions

2. Detailed report prepared pinpointing growth blockages and strengths to leverage for growth

3. Half day workshop to review findings and workshop an improvement plan.

4. Strategy Development Facilitation (optional)

5. Strategy Development (optional)

6. Performance Tracking


When is the ideal time for the Leadership Framework™?

  1. Before annual strategy development

  2. Before moving forward with an business optimisation or transformation 


What are the triggers to use the Leadership Framework™?

  • Poor governance that has leadership worried
  • Regulatory demands
  • Underwhelming or downturn in performance
  • Business transformation

  • Changing markets and increased competition

  • New leadership

  • Poor staff engagement 

  • Aggressive growth goals


What you will learn?

  1. Ten Principles to Optimise Strategy Development and how your organisation rates today

  2. Ten Principles to Enhance Company Culture and how your organisation is performing today

  3. Ten Process that will maximise organisational performance and how your organisation is performing today

  4. Ten Leadership principle to maximise staff engagement, loyalty and growth and how your organisation rates today

  5. Ten Principles to increase the happiness and productivity of your people and how your organisation rates today


Tangible takeaways:

  1. Realtime leadership and operational effectiveness diagnostic

  2. Leadership focus areas prioritised for accelerated growth and governance

  3. Strategies to gain greater buy-in of the company vision and strategy from all stakeholders

  4. Strategy workshop facilitation (optional)

  5. Strategy development (optional)

  6. Periodic performance self-assessment and report (optional)

  7. Leadership coaching (optional)


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