Rohilesh Singh

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Roh Singh (GAICD - Order of Merit) is Founder and CEO of Populis, a leadership, wellbeing and performance consulting firm. 

Roh is the creator of ExcelerateYou, which produces highly engaging evidence based high performance, ethics and Wellbeing programs.

Roh has led start-up businesses and global multinationals to dominate market leadership. Companies include Hutchison 3 (start-up), Telstra and BlackBerry, where he grew revenues up to $3Billion. Roh has developed, managed and led teams in excess of 2,000 people across 80 countries and over 10,000 modes.

Roh is a highly sought-after public speaker globally. Roh continues to serve as coach, mentor and consultant for organisations, including senior leadership teams across multinational, government, think tanks, not for profit and start ups.

Roh is the author of Rise Warrior Rise - the go-to book on self-mastery that is now incorporated into Business Degrees including the elite Dean Scholar programs. Rise Warrior Rise is being used by careers offices and corporations for Leadership and Wellbeing, particularly to safeguard employees and students against mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and burnout.

Roh's mission is to lift a billion lives. To achieve this mission, Roh has created the ExcelerateYou to reshape you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Roh created The Leadership Framework™ and the Happiness Platform™ which support organisational performance and governance. 

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"You will not meet another Roh Singh in your life. He is blessed with an ability to enter a business environment and make an immediate impact."

Mike Goodwin, M.D. APAC, Spartan Race

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