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Roh Singh, Order of Merit, Australian Institute of Company Directors
Fellow, Western Sydney University

Founder, Populis Pty Ltd
Best Selling Author, Rise Warrior Rise


On a mission to change a billion lives!

"Roh provided us all with the power of insight. A deep understanding of self, team and organisation. Roh is a speaker like no other, he is a delight, his talks and workshops are a beautiful mix of building high performance leadership behaviours, challenging practices, and self-growth. Roh helped us to build a high performing culture of excellence. The results were instant". - Lisa Kelly, Carers ACT


Roh inspires success; he drives positive change and growth.
Roh's frameworks and rituals add great value to any organisation looking for high performance and people-driven business transformation.

Nathaniel Craig, Apple - Director

Roh Singh (GAICD - Order of Merit)

For over 30 years Roh has been leading and coaching company transformations for high growth. Roh has led start-up businesses and global multinationals to dominate market leadership. Roh has been Managing Director of market leading brands. Companies include Hutchison 3 (start-up), Telstra (business transformation from $700 million to $2 billion in revenue) and BlackBerry (market expansion from $700 million to $3 billion in revenue). Roh has led teams in excess of 2,000 people across 80 countries and over 10,000 modes.


In 2009 Roh founded Populis, a people performance company specialising in growth, individual and company. Populis specialises in performance diagnostics and leadership & strategy development. We work with boards and CEO's to build high performing teams and busiensses.

Roh is the author of Rise Warrior Rise - the go-to book and program on self-mastery that is a compulsory text in over 50 Business and Leadership Degrees. Over 30 of the top 100 Australian companies have used Rise Warrior Rise for Leadership and Wellbeing development. Flourish and Perform are Roh's most popular programs, enhancing personal mastery and high performance respectfully.

Roh's methodologies have been adopted across corporations, universities and drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres to overcome inhibitors to success and happiness. Roh's work helping develop leaders of the future and as a result he has been awarded a Fellowship from Western Sydney University, where his teachings are available to over 45,000 university students yearly.

Roh created the award winning Leadership Framework™, recognised as the most complete business growth and diagnostic tool, which is used by organisations and leadership students to diagnose business performance and develop growth strategies.

Transformational Team workshops


Flourish: Buiild Unshakeable Self Worth and self mastery


Perform: Have it all - Re-wire yourself success & happines


Win with Motivation & Confidence: intrinsic

drive & determination


Transformational Leadership: Principles to fast track growth


Coaching: Personal and Professional one on one's with Roh

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“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles". Sun Tzu

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