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15 Tips To Sales Mastery!


The best in all walks of life at some stage made a clear decision to become the very best at what they do and immediately went to work on themselves.

Being the best in getting sales for yourself and your company requires consistency, and consistency means that you can be counted on. You become the one person that blasts your quota every time. There are several masteries required from a champion; Super sales person, negotiator, networker, super presenter, proposal writer, numbers person and so on.

Top performing sales people set tremendously high standards for themselves, their colleagues and company.

Sales Mastery requires that you invest in yourself daily in the following 15 areas, grouped under the following 3 pockets of gold:

  1. Gain intimate Knowledge of your products, service and customers, and skill yourself up with the right professional sales training.

  2. Develop a detailed plan and the discipline to stick to the plan.

  3. Have an abundance of energy by daily investing into your physical and mental health.

Tips to succeed in sales and be happy:

1. Continuously educate yourself in the art/science of sales:

1.1 Acquire the best knowledge from the absolute best in the industry. For me I always go back to the fundamentals. Read, listen, watch material by the best in sales and emulate them daily. Where you can meet the masters in person by attending conferences and workshops do so.

1.2 Know your products and or services top10 key benefits and what they mean to your potential customers.

1.3 Take genuine interest in your clients by knowing them and their needs through asking the right questions to satisfy their needs.

1.4 Master Story telling through engaging writing and presenting skills.

1.5 Know 10 ways to close a sale. Where objections are raised, don’t be put off by this. Take advantage of this opportunity to further educate the client to purchase by addressing their concerns.

2. Discipline to stick to the plan (do what you know you must do):

2.1 Know your numbers, always, and know them better than anyone else. This includes your agreed sales budgets, how you are performing against them and your forecasts and pipeline. Know your ratios (e.g. what is the average value of each proposal won and how many proposals do you need to hit budget) and keep the ratios current (they change with your success).

2.2 Draw up a backwards activity plan based on your ratios so you know exactly how much activity you need in each area of the sales process. i.e. the number of phone calls you need to make to make one appointment. The number of appointments you need for a proposal. Number of proposals to acceptance of order. Average value of proposals will determine how many proposals you will need to close to make budget. Double it to blast all expectations!

2.3 Diarise everything. Now plan your backwards activity plan into your daily work schedule. Do you have enough time to achieve what you need to? If not you will need to improve your success ratios, increase average order size, up-sell, cross sell or use the numbers to negotiate another target if that’s an option.

2.4 Stick to the activity plan you have devised above. Know what each activity means to you in dollars. Have faith in your ability and persist. Monitor and adjust plans monthly accordingly to success.

2.5 Always ask for Referrals, especially when you need a boost in sales.

3. Keep your energy levels high by being kind to yourself:

3.1 Wake up early. 5am at the latest to exercise, meditate and eat healthy.

3.2 Learn to master the art of calm. This can only be achieved by mastering the art of the breath and meditation.

3.3 Invest in your appearance and personal brand. First impressions are lasting – make it count!

3.4 Have positive self-talk that promotes your self worth.

3.5 Know your values and live by them. Surround yourself in the company of good people.

Now, visualise ultimate victory, internalise it and with a sense of urgency create your plan. You should be able to see every explicit detail. With a calm mind do the work you know you must do to live as your best.

About the author

As the CEO and founder of Populis, I work with organisations to help them build strong people and businesses alike. Through our revolutionary programs including the Happiness Platform™, Master the Art of Sales, The Leadership Framework™, and Excelerateyou, we help people to become mentally tougher, to overcome anxiety and restlessness, while increasing their overall satisfaction and performance. If you’d like to discover how Populis can help your business and your people to thrive, please feel free to contact me on +61404049613 or at, or visit for more insights.

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