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Master The Art of Selling. Rohilesh X Tom Hopkins.

From Phoenix Arizona, USA. #1 sales trainer

After 26 Years, Student Meets The Master


Tom is brilliant in this interview.

Listen now.

On August 7, 2017 I took a cross-continental flight from Toronto, Canada to Phoenix, Arizona, USA to meet a guy whose teachings had given me a great deal as a young man. It was a great opportunity to say thanks and share with him how what I had learned from his teachings. I was able to transform and build high performing billion dollar sales organisations from Tom's learnings. Tom is known as a 'Builder of Champions' for 40 years and still belts out seminars around the world on the Art of Selling.

4 million people have trusted Tom Hopkins to train them including myself and many of my business owner friends. Here is an interview I did with Tom before meeting him in person again. Jim Koch, Self Made Billionaire and Chairman of Samuel Adams Beer, credits Tom for teaching him more than his 3 Harvard degrees. Jim should be paid attention to when he says "Tom taught me how to sell".

Tom Hopkins and Roh Singh

If you think 'sales' is a dirty word and have not invested in upgrading your sales skills, then you are cheating yourself and your family as you are leaving money on the table. Do you want to become a better communicator or presenter? Learn the art of professional selling. If you think you know it all, believe me when I say there is more to learn, and your results will dramatically show when you learn the art in detail. The skills that selling teaches you help you to present convincingly, negotiate a better pay packet, a promotion, and to have your ideas accepted more frequently.

Tom has written 14 books including 'Selling in Tough Times and Mastering The Art of Selling' or the Selling for Dummies Series. Entrepreneurs are lapping up this knowledge on sales and prospering. Artificial intelligence, off shoring and global competition are quickly making jobs redundant, even the traditionally most secure and lucrative of old professions such as accounting and law are under threat. Sales Mastery could well be the key to keeping careers alive by allowing people to reinvent themselves or simply present their skills in a more engaging and convincing manner. From my experience, a critical component of doubling and tripling sales is getting the fundamentals (skills and knowledge).

Takeaways from Tom Hopkins

1. “No one really cares what you know until they know how much you really care. And this is the type of feeling that I feel gravitates people towards you, to where they say I not only like and trust this person, I want a long term relationship with them. I’m going to commit to do business with them and refer people to them. This type of life is bountiful as it is so wonderful.” Tom Hopkins

2. "I do not care what your product or service is, as the product or service is the vehicle by which you serve your fellow mankind with benefits. We are all in the people business. You’ve gotta love people use money. Not love money and use people. The money will come when you come to those who serve. And if you are a servant to your fellow mankind with the benefits of your product and services, they will want to do business with you not only once but for a lifetime. You see, many people who are in sales and marketing, they want to make the sale today but they don’t want to have a long term relationship.”

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Top sales teams have the following skills covered.

  • Know questions which discover the secret desires of your prospects

  • Master closing techniques that will give you a yes to almost anything

  • Comfortable in what to do when they first meet people to win them over

  • Have the right choice of words to win friends

  • Possess opening lines to use in presentations to immediately engage people

Here are some highlights from our chat

(13:20) - We change people's lives when we help them say yes to the right thing.

(21:20) Leadership is an artform to have others follow you. And if you aren't being followed then you aren't a good leader.

(26:16) I never see failure as failure, but only as an opportunity to develop my sense of humour. Well that is really what rejection does if you have a game with it.

(36:00) You can use technology as a tool, but it can't replace getting out and meeting people, following up on companies, making calls to set appointments. In other words, we are in the people business.

(37:10) The people I have found that get the most 'nos' will end up with the most 'yeses' so get over the fear and talk to more people.

(37:52) It is very hard for a person to be disciplined if they have never had discipline.

(42:39) The attitude you keep on a daily basis will determine the altitude you climb in this flight to success.

(49:26) Success is a practice not for a season but for a lifetime. Those who are successful work daily to improve themselves. They also realise that I can get better everyday not only with positive thoughts but also to develop better actions in my life.



As the CEO and founder of Populis, I work with organisations to help them build strong people and businesses alike. Through our revolutionary programs including the Happiness Platform™, Sales Mastery, The Leadership Framework™, we help you realise your potential. If you’d like to discover how Populis can help your business and your people to thrive, please feel free to contact me on +61404049613 or at, or visit for more insights.



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