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CLEVER INVESTOR AND GIVER. Rohilesh X Mohnish Pabrai

Mohnish Pabrai is a name you may not recognise today - but you soon will. Forbes lists Mohnish as 'the next Warren Buffett', and once you hear from Mohnish you can clearly see that he has the dedication and charisma to remain at the top of his field.

Mohnish lives in Orange County, California with his wife and two daughters and he spends much of his time evaluating businesses for investment. He reveals that he only invests in 2-3 businesses a year, where in actuality he is analysing thousands of businesses. What does it take to make the cut? Listen to find out.

Other noteworthy sound bites:

(9:57) - You can live your life diplomatically, or you can live your life truthfully

(12:51) - There are times that when you look at something and believe in it - go all in.

(18:27) - We come to the world naked, and we leave the world naked. The concept to try and hoard and screw over people is one of the stupidest concepts.

(32:35) - There is no penalty for saying no to a business. There is a penalty for saying yes to the wrong business.

(35:25) - People don't work for money, they work for a cause.

Click the video or podcast below and watch Mohnish give you his insight as to how to give back to your community (in time and resources), how to invest in profitable businesses and what it means to live life truthfully.

Mohnish is a savvy investor. Learn from him. Learn from our 13 global masters including some of the strongest STEM women in power at world-class companies.

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