Frameworks The Secret To Fast Results

Throughout my educational and professional career, I have been praised that I am able to deliver succinct presentations that provide the core of what is needed to make key business decisions – and thinking about my methods, this has been brought about by no accident. Critical business decisions however do not get made by accident and they take armies of resources and plenty of time (oh wait, who has plenty of time anymore). Ok so critical decisions take armies of resources this is true, the whole story is needed by upper management and boards to be able to exhale and arrive at the best course of action. And typically this needs to be presented within days, sometimes hours, rare occasions even minutes of an issue arising. C-suites and boards are at the cusp of when critical action is needed and need to be able to pool their brainpower to be able to act and conquer.

That is where I have come in.

I have worked with Global organisations to review B2B business deals, evaluate new products, evaluate Acquisitions, evaluate R&D spend and have had to deliver succinct research to Board of Directors within hours of requests, and all business decisions involved millions, sometimes billion dollar business outcomes.

My process also applies to Academia, I’ve been part of the CPA marking process for several years and have marked thousands of students papers and often am solicited by students as to how they can improve and deliver extraordinary results. I’ve been able to coach students to improve their performance and achieve top grades.

The idea is a lot simpler than you think, honestly. Sometimes we all just get so caught up in the moment and stress that things deviate and then time is wasted, ultimately leading to varied results and miscalculated outcomes.

I want to share these tried and true methods with you and formalize things to aid everyone in thinking about this for themselves, whether they are in higher education or wanting to improve their methods in their career to achieve better results.