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Here in Sydney in 2020

Never Be Second Again

Mastering sales has changed the lives of millions. My best friend and I are the luckiest guys in the world to have landed a commission only sales job the age of 18, at our first sales job after we failed to get into a decent university.


Adam, my mate and I, almost went bankrupt trusting our leaders who really only looked after their interests. But what they did do is give us the appetite to self educate and master self belief and the most important art in business - Sales. We both have used the knowledge and skills from our commission only sales jobs selling insurance, all our lives, and life for two boys with humble beginnings could not have been kinder. While I travelled the world transforming giant companies, Adam built a thriving national business in Australia. Needless to say we have been blessed and both are grateful for our tough learnings early on.


One of my ways of giving back to the world is to share with you confidential knowledge of the best in mind mastery and business so you can create your own version of success. Book a seat for the exclusive September 26th 2018 event in Sydney. One day only. You will also gain what he shared with Adam and I have, so you too may build yourself a life filled with the best.


Roh Singh

Founder, Populis


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Almost 50% of the workforce in Australia are bullied


1 in 5 sales people have taken stress leave to deal with the workplace stress

67% of all people miss their quota

90% of managers want fresh and relevant training materials to keep their teams engaged (

Average cost of a lead is $630. On average only 1 in 20 leads are converted. 

On average organisations can expect and return of $2.30 for every $1 spent of mental wellness

Those who have take our training have reported multiples of 200, 300 and 400% increase is sales alone.

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