Who am I?

Knowing your self is true wisdom. Mastering yourself is true power.

Tao Te Ching

To know who we are and who we are not, is one the greatest problems of human existence.

The most important question one can ever ask is to ask, who am I?

To define our personal success, let alone achieve it and sustain it, to grow as a person, to lead others, to enjoy enriching relationships, to effect change, to manage careers, to even be a better parent and ultimately embrace reality and prosper, we need to understand who we are first. From it flows our purpose and meaning, which nourishes all the contours of our life. As we are creatures of congruence, our thoughts, words and actions that are aligned with our true selves will allow us to present the ‘our best self’ in any situation to attain a life of abundance and fulfilment that we seek.

For most of us, this is the road less travelled. We don’t put in the effort to excavate our true self. This is a process of excavation, not a process of creation, as this is already within us, we just need to chip away at our stone – composite of body, mind and soul – to sculpture our true self. Instead, most of us live the definition of success expected of us by others and then have this feeling of being an imposter even when we have attained ‘success’. How do I know this to be true? this is one of the most of common responses I hear to my book Rise Warrior Rise, key notes around the globe and from working with corporates, universities and individuals of all ages.

The path to self understanding is not a quick and easy one but one that is important to undertake to give ourselves a chance. I have every reason not to have succeeded in this life, yet I have found an unwavering love for life. The model that I have built to excavate the real me, through trial and error and experience, over 40 years of my life, is depicted below. I share this with you so that you too can find the real you, setting you on a path to life of abundance and fulfillment.

All the answers lie within you.

In my book, Rise Warrior Rise, a combination of cutting edge science, infusion of eastern and western philosophies, rituals and practices that can be easily implemented anytime, anywhere by anyone, in 13 steps, I will unpack this in detail to guide you to the best you to a life of abundance and fulfillment.

If you prefer, I can personally guide you in our course my Rise Warrior Rise: Awaken your Soul, at a 3 day retreat

You can buy the book or book for the course at www.populis.com.au or contact at Info@populis.com for a key note from me on this very important topic.

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