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Welcome to Populis,

Populis is a wellbeing and high performance company. We help you to make wellbeing a strategic priority that delivers measurable performance upside.

At Populis we have dedicated ourselves to building proactive solutions that bring meaning in and out of work and school. And, after 5 years of solid performance, our programs now feature as compulsory learning within corporations and universities.

For organisations, our purpose built proprietary diagnostic tools, frameworks and courses, helps to develop highly performing people who are resilient and agile.

For schools and individuals, our ’One size fits One’ approach is designed to awaken growth mindsets and awaken you best happy self. Our ethical frameworks give people 'something to stand for' so they don't fall for anything and everything.


Harvard says the ROI for happier people at work are: 36% higher productivity, 6X engagement, and 3X creativity.

Our customers include corporations, universities, high schools and professional bodies.

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Roh Singh

Founder and CEO, Populis

Author, Rise Warrior Rise

Higher Performance and Wellbeing

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